What is the difference between extra virgin olive oil and olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is a completely natural product, obtained using a single ingredient, olives, and without any chemical additives. For this reason it contains vitamins and polyphenols that come from the olive and are very beneficial for our health, as well as having a very rich aroma and taste. Furthermore, extra virgin olive oil must comply with stringent analytical parameters established by law. Olive oil, on the other hand, is obtained through a chemical refining process.

Why does the oil sometimes “sting”?

Extra virgin olive oil always has a bitter and spicy scent, due to the presence of polyphenols, antioxidant substances beneficial to health. The tingling in the throat that we can sometimes feel is also due to polyphenols and oleocanthal, which has notable anti-inflammatory properties.

What does light fruity, medium fruity, intense fruity mean?

Fruitiness is the scent of fresh olives that characterizes every extra virgin olive oil. Depending on the variety of olives used we can obtain oils with different fruity intensities: light, medium or intense. The light fruity is an oil with a softer and more delicate flavour; the intense fruity one, on the other hand, has a more decisive flavour.

What does cold pressed mean?

Cold-extracted extra virgin olive oil has a greater richness of aromas and flavors and a greater content of polyphenols because it is produced at a temperature lower than 27° C. If, however, the extraction temperature is increased it is possible to obtain a greater quantity of oil, but aromas, flavors and polyphenols are lost. Not all extra virgin olive oils on the market, therefore, can be defined as cold extracted.

How many days does the delivery take?

Delivery normally takes 3 to 5 working days. Upon departure of the goods, the customer receives an email with a link to be able to monitor the shipment online. For requests for expedited deliveries, you can contact customer service in advance at info@olioestro.it or at the telephone number +39 338 613 7925 .

How long is it best to consume the purchased oil ?

Each bottle shows the date by which it is advisable to use the product. This is not a deadline, but a TMC (Minimum Consumption Deadline). This means that we guarantee that within this period the oil will maintain its taste and aroma characteristics unaltered. Once this period has passed, if kept in ideal conditions (closed and away from heat and direct light), the oil can still be used for several months, keeping in mind however that it will not have the taste and aroma of when it was packaged . The best judgment is always your own palate, as an oil that has deteriorated has such an unpleasant taste that it cannot go unnoticed.