Who we are

A long family tradition of love and gratitude towards the territory

Ours is the story of two brothers, Melchiorre , a graduate in Environmental and Land Engineering and Giovanni , a graduate in Agricultural Sciences, who grew up in a family with an original olive-growing vocation.

Since 1964, in fact, our grandparents, and then our father, also an agronomist, have always been involved in the cultivation and marketing of table olives , our " Nocellara del Belice " variety being largely intended for consumption by table, limiting the production of extra virgin olive oil to only a small quantity for family use.

Our olive groves are immersed in a unique area; the main lot of our company, in fact, is just a few meters from the Archaeological Park of the Cave di Cusa , the place from where the limestone tuffs were extracted for the construction of the Temples of Selinunte . Tastes, scents, noises from when we were children are profound sensations that could have faded over time, but which instead remained within us and, at a certain point, resurfaced forcefully, making us develop the intention to continue to cultivate and improve the our land , to give back what it has given us over the years.

In 2011 we decided to establish the current individual agricultural company Stallone Melchiorre. In the following years, we defined the idea of ​​giving life to a new project which was concretely realized during 2022: investing in the company image, allocating a small part of our harvest to the production of an extra virgin olive oil of absolute excellence , certified PGI Sicily.

Mazì: the strength of the whole

Thanks to the vision of father Domenico and the support of mother Rosanna, to date we grow around 2800 olive trees of which 2500 are secular and 300 recently planted , with love, passion and dedication.

We are firmly convinced that we are stronger by being together , which is why we decided to name our company Mazì : a Greek word that expresses the concept of togetherness, as a strength of unity, in work and in the family.

Let's decide at the same time call our oil Estro , to underline the inspiration, the ardor of fantasy and imagination that guides us in the realization of our project, aware of bringing to the table a pure and intense oil, true and authentic , like life, with its load of emotions and intimacy, to be savored by closing your eyes.

We strongly believe in the potential of EVO oil. Therefore, in full awareness that the entire sector has a lot to recover, together with the skills and experience that our family has gained in the field for several generations , we want to be an integral part of the change that the entire sector is experiencing.