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Olio Estro

Estro Oil (bag in box)

Estro Oil (bag in box)

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Olio Estro is an oil characterized by a medium fruitiness of green olive which reveals fascinating sensations of bitter and spicy in a harmonious balance.

Vegetable hints, freshly cut grass, almond, artichoke and green tomato predominate.

Chemical analyzes reveal: an acidity of 0.11%, a very low number of peroxides and high polyphenols.

Our olives are harvested by hand and pressed after a few hours of the same day. The oil is then filtered and stored in silos under nitrogen.

Estro oil, created last year, won over the expert tasters of the International Olive Oil Contest 2023 who awarded it the Gold Medal and will be included in the authoritative Lodo Guide 2024, the international guide to the best extra virgin olive oils of the world.


The bag in box is made up of 3 pieces: the internal bag (bag) made of polylaminate plastic material specific for food, the containment box (box) made of cardboard and the dispenser tap which allows the contents to be dispensed if necessary, ensuring perfect closure.

Below are the main features and advantages of bag in box packaging:
1. it is one of the best solutions for food packaging as it protects well from light, heat and air which are also the main enemies of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
2. it does not require decanting of the oil, unlike the can which - it is worth remembering - once opened must be completely emptied into well-closed dark glass bottles, it is therefore a time-saving and space-saving solution!
3. protects the oil from temperature changes thanks to the external cardboard box which forms a sort of air chamber around the bag in which the oil is contained;
4. it is as solid and resistant as a can, but unlike this one it does not dent and does not risk rusting.
5. eliminates waste, the oil is poured down to the last drop!
6. it is practical, easy to handle, easily transportable, completely recyclable and also nice to keep in plain sight, perhaps on a kitchen shelf to always have the oil at hand and ready for use.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources.


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